Theme Color

For consistency and integration with the Theme Studio in RapidWeaver Elements, use the themeColor attribute to specify all color options for your elements. This ensures that the color settings are centrally managed and adaptable to theme changes.

Here’s an example configuration for a color property:

    "title": "Color",
    "id": "customColor",
    "format": "text-{{value}}",
    "themeColor": {
        "default": {
            "name": "black",
            "brightness": 300

Usage of themeColor:

  • default: Sets the initial or fallback color and brightness. In this case, the default color is black with a brightness value of 300.

Output Example: The format key controls the output format of the customColor property. In your template files, referencing {{customColor}} with the example configuration above would output: text-black-300.

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