Include content from another template file

An include allows you to insert the content of another template file within the current template file.

Include files should be stored in the "include" directory. Refer to the Bundle Structure for more information.

Suppose you have the following template files in your include folder:





You could then include the contents of those files into your main template.html file by using the following code:


The output from template.html would look like this

Hello World

Property access

The include template files allow access to properties as if they were part of the main template file. Given that you have set a pages value in your hooks file (via the rw.setProps() method), you can pass that property to your template like so:

@include("menuitem", property: pages)

You can of cause include multiple properties simply by comma separating them:

@include("banner", title: "Can be a string", body: canAlsoBeAVariable)

Conditional Includes

Rather than wrapping your @include statement inside an @if statement, you can use the @includeIf helper:

// Instead of doing this:

// you can do this:
@includeIf(myVariable, "myTemplate")

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