The Container Element serves as a wrapper or holder for other elements. It is commonly used to group and organise related content. The Container Element can be used to apply spacing or create space around elements.

The container width can be set up globally for each breakpoint in the Screens area of the Theme Studio.

Layout Group


The Margin allows you to set the margin on all sides of the container. You can adjust the left and right margins to set the spacing as follows:

  • Align Center, set the let and right margin to "Auto"

  • Align Left, set the left and right margin to "0"

  • Align Right, set the left margin to "0" and the right margin to "auto"


Apply padding independently to each side of the element.

Advanced Group


Visually show and hide the element. Please note the element will still be visible in the html, but not visible on the page.

CSS Classes

Add custom (and Tailwind) classes directly to this element. For example, we can apply a blur to everything within the container by writing blur-sm into the CSS Classes field. See the Tailwind blur docs for available classes.

You can browse all the available Tailwind classes over in the Tailwind CSS documentation.

Clip Content

Clip content that overflows this Element.

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