Great content deserves a great heading

Headings are an important part of web design, they help break up content into manageable sections, making it easier for your visitors to scan and understand the structure of your webpage. Search engines also use headings to understand the context and relevance of your content.


Using the right heading tag helps create a semantic structure so search engines understand the hierarchy and relationship of your content.

Font & Text Styles

Text Align

Align your text, left, center and right. You may need to also set the aligment of the parent item to get the desired alignment.

Font Family

Choose a font family, these are managed by the Theme Studio.

Text Style

Choose a text style, these are managed by the Theme Studio.

Text styles include size, line height, letter spacing, and weight. You can override some of these settings inline by choosing the "Override" option.

Text Shadow

Choose a shadow for yoru text, these are managed by the Theme Studio.


Choose from None, Uppercase, Lowercase, and Capitalise.


Choose from None, Underline, Overline, and Line Through.


Choose between colour, background image, and gradient for your text. Each different type of style has a set of sub options.

  • Color: Choose a solid colour from the theme studio, also supports opacity.

  • Image: Choose an image, along with positioning, sizing, and repeat.

  • Gradient: Supports up to 3 colours, set position and oapcity of each colour independently.



Choose between Auto, Reading, and Custom widths.


Choose between, Left, Center, and Right.


Set padding independently on each side on the Heading container, these are managed by the Theme Studio. You can also choose to manually manage the padding.


Set the html tag, and visiblity of the Elements.

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