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RapidWeaver takes care of everything for you, however, sometimes you need a little extra control or just prefer the way another tool works. We've listed out a collection of great tools and resources that work well alongside RapidWeaver.

Previewing Your Website

RapidWeaver has its own built-in Preview, as well as a Device Simulator with support for multiple devices, custom sizes and so much more. It also supports local PHP rendering. No need to spend time setting up MAMP.

Here are some alternative apps and services if you'd prefer not to use RapidWeaver's built-in tools:

Hosting Your Website

If you need somewhere to host your website we recommend using our official partner, Chillidog Hosting. We have a full publishing guide to using Chilidog with RapidWeaver.

Online Store Integration

The following services can be used alongside RapidWeaver to build an online website with Store front.

Website Monitoring

Downtime happens, certificates expire and links break. Ensure your website is blazing fast, error free and properly indexed without the hassle of multiple tools.

Newsletter Software

Looking to start a Newsletter, here's some great options…

Open Graph

The following tools can help preview how your site will appear on search and in social media posts.

Publishing Your Website

RapidWeaver has a built-in publishing engine that supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and Amazon S3. RapidWeaver also keeps track of changes, so on subsequent publishes it will only upload the changed files.

There are plenty of alternative FTP clients on the Mac, here are just a few:

Analytics for Your Website

Graphics and Animation

A collection of advanced tools to take your websites further.

  • Tumult Hype, Create Interactive HTML5 web content and animations.

  • Couverture, Easing Curve Editor with CSS export.

Learning More about Web Design

A collection of links to learn more about building websites.

Advanced Resources

A collection of resources for advanced users.

Graphic Resources

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