Royale FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Royale

Q: Will past purchasers of Nick's Royale theme get support from Realmac?

A: Yes, we'll offer support to anyone that previously purchased the Royale theme directly from Nick Cates. However, we always recommend asking css/html and site building related questions on our Community Forum. Q: I already purchased Royale from Nick Cates, do I need to buy it again?

A: No, the Realmac version has few changes. Keep using the version you purchased. You can download the most recent version of the theme from Nick Cates, using his order lookup tool. Realmac Customers should use the Realmac order lookup tool. Q: Are there any updates or are you just taking over support?

A: No significant updates were needed for Royale. However, if updates are required, Realmac will make those changes and publish an update. This will be available to customers that purchased directly from Realmac.

Q: The Royale theme is fairly old, does it still work okay?

A: Yes, absolutely, it's a great theme and can produce amazing websites that look and perform great on the web. The age of this theme is reflected in the price.

Q: The Demo project uses some stacks I don't own, do I need them?

A: No. The example project uses Velvet and the Photo Base stack from Nick Cates Design, these are now available from Weaver's Space.

Please remember, that you don’t need these stacks to use the theme. They are optional.

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