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A brief introduction to the Elements templating language
The Elements language is still in development, features and documentation will be updated as development progresses.
Elements is a simple, yet powerful templating language for RapidWeaver Elements.
The Elements language allows third-party developers to create custom Elements that can be used within the RapidWeaver Elements layout engine. Elements (.rwelementpack) are a bundle of files, usually a mixture of HTML, JS, CSS, JSON, and images.
The only thing you need to start building your own custom Elements is a copy of RapidWeaver and a text editor. Previous web development experience is recommend, but not required.

What's Required?

The following is a list of suggested tools to make developing Elements easier.

Developer Community

We have a dedicated Developer Group over on the RapidWeaver Community. The developer group is open to anyone interested in building addons for the RapidWeaver ecosystem. We're always around to offer help with getting started or if you just need a hand while developing your next great addon for RapidWeaver. Come join us, we're a friendly bunch ☺️
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