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ExtraContent support for classic third-party Themes
The ExtraContent concept was intitally created by Adam Merrifield (of SeyDesing) for RapidWeaver in 2008. While this concept is now a little dated, it's still very useful is you're using an older third-party classic style theme.
We've rewritten and included the ExtraContent Element as a connivence for users migrating from RapidWeaver Classic to RapidWeaver Elements.
The ExtraContent Element allows users to easily add additional content areas to their websites beyond the standard page layout. With ExtraContent, you can seamlessly incorporate custom code, widgets, images, and other elements into various regions of your website, enhancing its functionality and flexibility.


The ExtraContent Element will work with a lot of third-party themes, however you'll need to check with the theme developer if this functionality is supported.
Themes from Elixir Graphics, 1LD, ThemeFlood, MultiThemes, and others generally support ExtraContent.


You can learn more about the history and use cases of ExtraContent below.
Special thanks to Will Woodgate from ThemeFlood for keeping information about ExtraContent online and alive for all these years 🫡
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