Developer Docs

Plugin Introduction

A guide to building native plugins for RapidWeaver
If you'd like to create your own native page types in RapidWeaver you'll need to use RWKit, it's available on GitHub along with sample code to get you started. It also requires a Mac, a copy of Xcode and RapidWeaver. If you need help or have questions please email: [email protected]

RapidWeaver Classic Plugin SDK (RW8)

Details on building plugins for RapidWeaver 8.x and Classic can be found in the 8.x plugin SDK.

RapidWeaver Elements Plugin SDK (RW9)

UPDATE: 20/05/2022 
Due to a lack of third-party interest, native plugin support in RapidWeaver Elements is currently on hold — Contact [email protected] if you'd like to develop a plugin, we'd love to hear from you.
To build native plugins for RapidWeaver you'll need the RapidWeaver Plugin SDK, this is called RWKit. ➡️ RWKit is available on GitHub (Updated March 2022) 🗄 Archived discussion: RWKit Changes (April 2020) 🗄 Archived discussion: The all new RWKit (May 2020)

A Guide to Converting Plugins from RW8 to RW9

This project aims to provide support when transitioning RapidWeaver plugins from v8 (aka Classic) to v9 (aka Elements). This is a work in progress and there will be things missing. If you find something that needs fixing or implementing please raise an issue on GitHub. ➡️ RWLegacySupport is available on GitHub