The visible key in an object's properties can be set using a logical expression that evaluates to true or false. This determines whether a specific UI element is shown or hidden based on the conditions specified in the expression. Works in the same way as enabled.

  • Boolean Logic: Use logical operators (&&, ||, !) to combine multiple conditions.

  • Comparison Operators: Use ==, !=, >, <, >=, <= to compare values.


  1. Complex Condition

    "visible""(backgroundType == 'custom' || backgroundType == 'image') && textColor == 'white'"

    This makes the property visible only if the backgroundType is either custom' or 'image', and the textColor is 'white'.

  2. Visibility Based on Numeric Ranges

    "visible""opacity > 20 && opacity < 30"

    Useful for showing elements that should only be visible within a specific range, e.g., showing a message if the opacity is not between 20-30.

  3. Negation to Hide Elements


    The property is visible when mySwitchControl is false.

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