Create reusable shared groups of elements

Globals give you the power to create customisable groups of atoms and components to maintain a consistent design language across your entire site.

Globals help ensure the design for you website is modular, reusable, and consistent.

You can reuse global blocks across your site so you need only need update the content in one place and have it automagically mirrored in all other instances of that global. For example, this can be very useful for global header and footer sections.

You can take Globals even further by overriding content and design aspects on an individual instance. For example you might have a banner that you want to use on every page of your site and you'd like the design to be consistant. You can use the override feature to customise the text and background image on each instance. You can even override the design settings on certain instances.

Once you learn how to use the power of globals you'll wonder how you ever built wesbites without them.

Creating a Global

There are a number of ways to turn a group of Elements into a Global. Right-click an element in the Editor or Node Browser and select "Convert to Global".

Unlinking a Globals

To unlink a group of Elements on a page, right-click on the Global in the Node Browser and choose "Unlink from Global".

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