Website resources include anything from image files to PDFs and folders. All of your resources can be managed right inside RapidWeaver Elements.

Adding Resources

Open the resources list in the left-hand sidebar, and drag and drop in files (and folders), from the Finder. The structure and naming of your files will be the same in-app and when it's exported to the finder.

Supported File Types

Elements supports adding all files types (including Folders) to the resources browser. However, some file types have extra support.

  • Images - png, svg, jpg, etc…

  • YouTube URL - Single video's and playlists

  • Vimeo URL - Single video's and playlists

Editing Metadata

Right-click on a file and select "show Info" to edit the meta data. The file inspector is a floating window and can be left open while you browse through files in the Resources area.

  • Filename (All file types)

  • Caption (images)

  • Author (images)

Creating Folders

Adding Remote Resources

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