Live Browser Preview

Preview your website inside and outside of RapidWeaver

The preview system in RapidWeaver gives you the ability to reliably preview all PHP inside RapidWeaver, and some magical ways to work with RapidWeaver and your favourite browser.

To preview your project in RapidWeaver press command-r or the "eye" button in the main toolbar.

Here’s how to preview your website inside the Browser:

  1. Open a project file, and stay in Edit mode.

  2. Use Cmd + P to preview your website in your default browser.

  3. Go back to RapidWeaver, and make any changes in Edit mode.

  4. Return to the browser, and see the changes reflected.

The live preview in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc also allows you to navigate around your RapidWeaver project. Simply follow your site navigation while in the Browser and RapidWeaver will switch pages in the background, making it easier than ever to make changes.

Live previews, and the ability to navigate your site in the browser, are only available while RapidWeaver is open.

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