File Sharing

Share documents, web addresses, and other files with RapidWeaver's built-in File Sharing page

The File Sharing page type allows you to easily share files, web addresses and other documents with visitors to your website. You can link to files either on your Mac or located elsewhere online. Any files you link to from your Mac will be copied and uploaded when publishing your project (just as they would be when adding the file as a resource to your RapidWeaver project).

Getting Started

At the top of the File Sharing edit window is a styled text area. Any content added here will be displayed above the download links on your published page. You can add text, format it, and add images as with any Styled Text page in RapidWeaver.

The lower area of the File Sharing edit window displays a table of files, or web addresses, that will be displayed on your published page. The table is a series of rows, with one row for each file or URL you add. Each file has four fields for information.

  1. Title - The title for your shared resource.

  2. Description - A description of your shared resource.

  3. Source - The location of your shared resource (linked internally from RapidWeaver's resources, added externally from your Mac, or a web address).

  4. Source Type - The type of resource (File, Web Address, or Resource).

To add a resource, simply click on the [+] button at the bottom of the File Sharing table list.

Next, select the Source Type from the drop-down menu. Select File from the drop-down menu if you will be adding a file directly from your Mac's Finder. Select Resource if you will be adding a file from RapidWeaver's internal resources folder. Select Web Address if you will be linking to a website address (URL) or external resource. Then, double-click on the resource's Source field to add it to your page/project. Finally, double-click on the resource's Title and Description fields to edit them. Make sure to give your resources a descriptive title and description so your web visitors know what they are either downloading or being redirected to!

You can also drag and drop files directly from your Mac into the File Sharing table list to automatically add them.

To remove a resource, highlight it and click on the [-] button.

To rearrange the contents of the table list, simply click and drag the row to your desired location. Your shared resources will be displayed on the published page in the order in which they are arranged.

If you’re sharing large files, these can take some time to upload - as well as take a long time for visitors to download! You may want to try compressing large files you want to share; in the Finder, right-click on the file you want to compress and choose Compress "filename". Then drag the compressed file into RapidWeaver.

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