Offsite Page

Link to an external site from your website's navigation menu with RapidWeaver's built-in Offsite Page

The Offsite Page type allows you to create a link to an external web page that's displayed in your website's navigation menu. This is useful for linking to pages that were not built in RapidWeaver yet should be prominently displayed in your website's navigation. Some examples might include an eCommerce page built with a third-party service, an image gallery hosted by a third-party photo sharing site, or a donations page created with a third-party fundraising platform.

Getting Started

In order to add an Offsite Page type to your RapidWeaver project, simply add the page type to your Page List, then give the page a name. This page name will be displayed in your website's navigation menu. In the below example we will be adding an Offsite Page that links to a third-party website that sells piano scores (sheet music).

Next, add the URL to the external site in the Inspector > Offsite Page > Offsite Options (Option-Command-6).

You should now see the link in your website's navigation menu. When clicked, visitors will be redirected to the external site.

If you'd like for the link to open the external site in a new browser tab, you can go to Inspector > General Settings > check the box "Open in new window" (Option-Command-1).

Your linked page should now open in a new browser tab.

Important note;

By default the Offsite page plugin links directly to a URL, RapidWeaver will not create a file for this page.

If you check the “Use Redirect Page” option, RapidWeaver will create a file for the page and run a redirect script when a user views that page.

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