Upload Errors

Upload errors and how to solve them

When publishing fails you might see one of the following issues, here's what they mean and how to fix them.

Unable to upload file, the server may be out of disk space.

This error is exactly what it sounds like. Your web server has run out of space. You can either contact your hosting company to upgrade your plan and increase the server space. Or delete some files from your server using an FTP client such as Transmit from Panic.

Couldn't upload to your FTP server (Retry in 5s)

This can sometimes mean the login credentials are correct, but the Path you specified is not right. Re-enter the Path into the Publishing setup and press “Browse” to confirm the location. Once this has been done, RapidWeaver will show a Change Publishing Path? dialogue. Press the Change and Re-Publish button, this should resolve the issue.

Couldn’t connect to your FTP server

If RapidWeaver consistently displays this message when publishing, try disabling Extended Passive Mode – which is enabled by default in the FTP Publishing Setup. To do this, show the Publishing Setup window (Command-K), select the settings button next to the FTPProtocol field, then choose another publishing Mode option until you find one that works for you.

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