How to Locate Your Addons and Preferences

Locate addons, preferences, and projects

This guide will show you how to locate RapidWeaver Addons, Projects, and Preferences. This is especially helpful if you're upgrading or moving to another Mac.

How to Find and Backup Your Addons

To locate your third-party Addons launch RapidWeaver, and open the Preferences window and go to the Addons Tab.

You can then use the "Reveal in Finder" button to show the location of your addons. Alternatively there's an "Export Addons Directory" button that will export and zip your entire Addons directory.

The "Export Addons Directory" option will ask for a location to save the "My" file. This is useful to back up your addons or move them to another Mac.

How to Find Your RapidWeaver Preferences

The RapidWeaver preferences are located in the following locations:


~/Library/Group Containers/

The license file(s) for RapidWeaver Classic are stored here (and also in the Keychain, search for DevAnt).

~/LibraryContainers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver Classic/.licence

/Users/Shared/RapidWeaver (you can remove this folder)

Press command-shift-g in the Finder and paste each of the above into the Field, and hit Return. This should take you to the exact location.

How to Find Your Project Files

You'll need to copy over your project file(s), this file or files (depending on how many websites you’ve created in RapidWeaver) are often stored somewhere in your Documents folder — the files would be in the location you chose when saving your projects. For example, we keep ours in ~/Documents/Website Projects/ RapidWeaver Classic project files end with .rwc, and RapidWeaver element project files end with .rwe. Once you've found all your project files, you can copy them over to your new Mac.

Don't forget about Project Resources

By default, RapidWeaver is set to copy over any resources (files, images, etc) that you added to your project so you shouldn’t need to worry about this when moving projects to a new Mac. However, sometimes (if you chose) your project resources may be external, if that is the case make sure you copy over all images and files that your website may need. RapidWeaver will prompt you to locate these if it can't find them when you open your project.

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