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What's New in Classic?
Learn more about all the great new features in RapidWeaver Classic
RapidWeaver Classic is a rather special release. Not only have we made some foundational changes under the hood to improve RapidWeaver and keep it running smoothly, but we've also added a range of great new features to help with your daily workflow.

What's New in RapidWeaver Classic (8.10.0)?

  • Added "Page Spotlight" toolbar and keyboard shortcut (Command-Shift-F)
  • Add a customizable badge to your website (Learn more about badges)
  • Added a new Browser "Preview" toolbar item to make it easy to preview sites in ANY browser
  • Switch between Light and Dark Mode in the RW Preview (Command-Shift-A)
  • The page sidebar now shows the URL of the published page (uses Web Address in General Settings. Overridden with publishing Website Address if it exists).
  • Added link button in the sidebar to copy page URL or Path.
  • Added a new menu item and shortcut for publishing the selected page (Control-Command-K)
  • Added a new preference to switch between Dark and Light mode independent of the system
  • Dropping an image into a Styled Text area now shows a thumbnail along with dimensions (making in-page images a lot more manageable)
  • Default Page extension can now be set for all new Projects (General Preferences)
  • Default Langauge can now be set for all new Projects (General Preferences)
  • Updated list of iOS devices in Simulator to include newer models
  • Simulator Windows now have unique titles (making it easy to switch between them!)
  • Macros now work in the global code area(s) (Learn more about macros)
  • Added a Community Toolbar item
  • Added a Marketplace Toolbar item
  • New App icon to match Big Sur and Monterey
  • New Document, Theme, Style, and Snippet icons
  • New Toolbar icons
  • New Home, Page and Setting icons
  • New default toolbar layout
  • All built-in themes are now located in the RapidWeaver Classic category
  • Up-to-date Documentation. Finally!
  • Welcome Window now includes links to Marketplace and Community
  • Classic Projects are now saved with the extension .rwc (Learn more about upgrading projects)
  • Empty Project window updated with links to Manual, Marketplace, and Community
  • Updated About Window (now uses System tint for the Realmac logo, nice.)
  • Implemented DevAnt license and distribution Framework (Direct version)
  • Updated SetApp Framework (Setapp version)
  • Fixed outdated menu items and links
  • Fixed an issue with the Copy and Paste menu items
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would crash if new users had a custom touch bar setup
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements
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