RapidWeaver Marketplace

A developer guide for the RapidWeaver Marketplace

This documentation is for addon developers only. If you're a RapidWeaver customer you can browse the Marketplace here.

If you're a RapidWeaver developer, welcome, this documentation is for you. It covers everything you need to know about submitting and promoting your addon to RapidWeaver users.

What is the Marketplace?

The RapidWeaver Marketplace is a website for listing and marketing your Addons to new and existing RapidWeaver users. It's a free service developed and maintained by Realmac Software.

It's like an App Store, but for RapidWeaver Users.

What's new?

Addons were previously promoted on the rapidweavercommunity.com (this site is still live, but is no longer updated and will be going offline soon). The old community site listed addons, a website gallery, blog posts, discounts, and much more. It wasn't very modern (by today's standards) and was confusing to navigate for users. The new RapidWeaver Marketplace changes all of that.

The new Marketplace has been re-written from the ground up using modern frameworks and technology. As a result, it's now faster to browse, with better search, and best of all, built with its own private API to allow closer integration with RapidWeaver.

For example; this means users will be able to search and preview any type of Addon directly inside of RapidWeaver. A bit like downloading and trialling a demo app. The trial addon will of course be encrypted. These exciting new features will be rolled out in collaboration with developers in a future RapidWeaver update.

Another big change to the service is that addons no longer need to be approved. Once you have a developer account, your addons will appear on the Marketplace instantly.

Will you migrate my addon listing data?

Not at this time, and here's why; A lot of the existing addons on the old community site are out-of-date or no longer supported. This has been a big complaint and a point of annoyance from users. We decided to take this opportunity to start afresh on this new platform, this way we can guarantee ALL addons are being actively developed and are up-to-date.

This change is a huge win for users looking to buy new addons, and a win for developers as there is less competition/visual noise to compete against.

There is also another benefit to doing this extra work; Every developer will get to take advantage of the automatic marketing we've put in place to help promote their addons. It's also a great time to refresh the icon, screenshots, and description for each addon making sure it is up-to-date.

What Addons can I list?

Below is a list of addons the Marketplace supports. If you think there's an addon type missing, please get in touch so we can work on adding it to the site.

  • Element

  • Plugin

  • Project

  • Theme

  • Stack

  • Utility

How do I sign-up for a Developer Account?

You can learn more about how to sign-up for a Developer Account here. Don't worry, it's fast and easy.

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