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Listing Addons

How to list addons on the RapidWeaver Marketplace
The RapidWeaver Marketplace is a free service for both developers and customers. The URL for the service is
The new Marketplace was built to support developers and give customers an easier and faster way to find addons for RapidWeaver.
To list an addon on the RapidWeaver Marketplace you need a free developer account. If you don't yet have one, go here to learn more about signing up.
Okay, got an account? Ready to list an addon? Let's Go!

Listing an Addon

Once you have an account on the Marketplace you can list as many addons as you like. Although, if you have a large backlog of addons we'd recommend adding them over a few weeks or months. By drip-feeding and spreading out the releases you'll get more exposure to a wider section of the RapidWeaver user base.
The new Marketplace supports the following addon types; Element, Plugin, Project, Theme, stacks, and Utility. If you think there's an addon type missing, please get in touch so we can work on adding it to the site.
Take the time to read through the Marketing Addons documentation for advice on reaching more users and how we promote your addons.
Let's take a look at what details are required to list an addon.

Addon Details:

Addons require a basic set of details, along with details for each version listed. All details are required when submitting an addon unless stated as (optional).
  • Icon: A single image that best represents the addon. This should be a square image, without transparency.
    • Dimension: 512(w)x512(h) @ 2x
    • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Title: The title of the addon as it appears inside RapidWeaver.
  • Type: Element, Framework, Plugin, Project, Theme, stack, Utility
  • Works With: (Pick from listed addons)
  • Compatibility: The version of RapidWeaver your addon requires.
    • RapidWeaver Classic (includes RapidWeaver 8)
    • RapidWeaver Elements
    • Stacks App
  • Price (USD only): $
  • Bundle ID: unique-bundle-id
  • Description: A description of what the addon does.
    • Supports Markdown (HTML is not supported).
  • Preview URL: A live preview of the addon in action.
  • Store URL: A direct store link to buy the addon.
  • Trial Download URL (optional): A link to download a trial version of the addon.
  • Status: Draft, Live, Archived (when an addon is no longer available)
  • Screenshots: Between 2 and 6 images.
    • Dimension: 1920(w)x1080(h) @ 2x
    • Format: JPG or PNG

Addon Version:

Each release of an addon requires a version to be created. An initial release of an addon could be set as 1.0, then a future update might be added as 1.1 and so on.
  • Number: Version number (i.e. 1.3)
  • Build: Internal or external build number (i.e. 10763)
  • Release Notes: What's new in this version of your addon. Be specific about changes!
  • Release Date (UTC): The date the addon/update was released.


All addons need to adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Must be compatible with RapidWeaver 8 or newer.
  • If your screenshot shows RapidWeaver, it should be the current version at the time of listing.
  • Description and screenshots should not mention or link to competing products or forums.
  • Only actively supported addons should be listed.
  • When updating an addon be descriptive about the changes. DO NOT write "Various updates and fixes" — Let users know exactly what was fixed.

Marketplace Artwork

We've put together a document with the required artboards needed to submit an Addon. This template can be used to get a headstart on creating and exporting your artwork.
You do not need to use or match the artwork in the template. The example artwork is just there to give you an idea of how things could look for an imaginary "Grid Layout" addon.
Get creative, and make sure it's clear to users what your addon will help them achieve.
If you'd like to use another app to create your artwork, the required sizes and format are listed above in the Addon Details.
Marketplace Template in Sketch