RapidWeaver Classic Manual
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Changing the look and feel of your website
RapidWeaver includes over fifty varying templates known as “themes”, including a number of modern responsive designs that you can use.
With a page now added to your project, choose Preview on the main toolbar to get your bearings (you can also toggle Preview mode with the keyboard shortcut Cmd-R). By default, RapidWeaver will apply the “Offroad” theme to your site to preview your content. We’re going to browse the available themes by toggling the Themes option on the main toolbar.
The Theme Browser allows you to apply any theme with a single click - you can customise each theme further once it’s selected. The Theme Browser allows you to search, select a specific folder (for example, to only show the more modern themes), and duplicate the themes to make modifications.
Once you’ve selected a theme, choose Master Styles in the Page List.
Master Styles
The Master Styles area contains the variations available as part of your selected theme, and allows you to customise the theme across your entire site. Master Styles is the best way to lay your entire site out, but if you need to customise the layout of a single page don’t worry - you can override your site-wide Master Styles on a per-page basis if you need to!