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Embed a Vimeo Video

A quick guide to embedding a Vimeo video on your website
To embed a video from Vimeo you'll need to find and copy the HTML code to embed it. Don't worry, this sounds more complicated than it actually is.
Here's how to do it…
Find the video on Vimeo you'd like to embed, and click the "Share" button located just below the video.
Click the share button underneath the video
Expand the "Show Options" link.
Click "Show Options"
Next, select the options available to customize the video player that will be displayed on your website.
Select video player options
Then, highlight the code located in the "Embed" box and copy it.
Highlight the embed code and copy it
After that, head on over to RapidWeaver and in edit mode paste the embed code into your page. Below is an example showing the embed code pasted into a Styled Text page.
After pasting the embed code in RapidWeaver, highlight it then from the menubar select Format > Clear Formatting, then Format > Ignore Formatting.
Paste the HTML embed code into your page while in Edit mode
You should now be able to preview your embedded Vimeo video in preview mode. If all looks well you are ready to publish.
Preview your Vimeo video in preview mode