RapidWeaver Classic Manual
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RapidWeaver comes with many preferences to help you tweak the app’s behaviour. Each section of the Preferences window is covered below.

General Preferences

The options here will adjust RapidWeaver's default behaviour.

On Launch: Show Projects Window

If you prefer to open projects directly from the Finder, you can turn off the RapidWeaver Projects window.

Alert: Show Notifications

RapidWeaver will show notifications when publishing your site via the macOS Notification Centre by default. You can turn them off here.

Show Notifications > Play Sounds

If you prefer RapidWeaver not to play sounds with notifications, you can turn them off here.

Play Sounds

RapidWeaver has various sounds that play while using the app. If you'd prefer not to hear them, you can turn them off here.

Render PHP on Local Preview

This enables RapidWeaver's built-in PHP server, so when previewing your site, RapidWeaver will under your PHP code locally without uploading it to a server to see the results.
Default PHP Version
Choose the default version of PHP for new projects (supports PHP 7 and PHP 8). This feature is only available on macOS Catalina 10.15 or newer.
The PHP version can also be set on a per-project basis in the Settings > Advanced area of a project.

Use Smart Quotes

If you're experiencing issues when trying to enter code into RapidWeaver make sure any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code used in your project is not formatted to use Smart Quotes. If there are small fragments of raw HTML code visible, this is likely the cause - and very easy to fix.
Note: Smart Quotes are disabled by default in RapidWeaver, however OS X may have Smart Quote substitution enabled. You can turn this off in System Preferences’ Keyboard pane.
To turn off Smart Quotes in RapidWeaver, disable the Use Smart Quotes option in the RapidWeaver preferences.

Unsplash Preferences

Image Size:

This will set the size of the image that's referenced in your RapidWeaver project. This setting directly relates to Images found via Unsplash in the Media Browser.

Publishing Preferences

All the options in the preference pane relate to publishing your website with RapidWeaver. These can often be set once and forgot about.

Clear page status when publishing

Whenever RapidWeaver publishes your site, by default the “changed” flag is removed to let you know that all changes have been published. In RapidWeaver 7, as there is no “Export”, simply “Publishing to a Local Folder”, the preference to reset this status on “Export” has been removed.

Close publishing window on successful publish

If this is enabled RapidWeaver will close the publishing window upon a successful publish. If the publishing fails the window will remain open to display the error.

Open after Publishing Locally

If you’re publishing your RapidWeaver project to a folder on your Mac (either to preview, or to upload using another means), this option will open the homepage of your exported site after the export completes.

Enable Upload Logging

To help diagnose any publishing problems you can enable upload logging. Once enabled RapidWeaver will log the output of the publishing engine. You can access the logs on a failed publish by pressing the “Send Upload Logs” button in the publishing window. Pressing the “Send Upload Logs” button copy the logs file into a new email ready to be sent to [email protected] You can also look at this log to see if you can locate what the error might be.