Project Window

Finding your way around the main window in RapidWeaver

This is a quick visual guide to finding your way around the RapidWeaver interface.

Any page that you add to your RapidWeaver project appears in the Page List, and the navigation menu for your website is based on the layout of the pages in the Page List. You can drag and drop pages to re-order or drag pages onto other pages to create a nested page. You can also re-order the different groups (Pages and Settings) in the Page List. You’ll also notice a blue dot appearing to the right of each page: this signifies that there are changes that have yet to be published. When the changes to each page are published, the blue dot is hidden. Right-clicking on a page in the Page List displays a contextual menu with some useful options, including Duplicate a page or Mark As Unchanged (and the blue dot for the page will disappear). Just like in other apps, you can edit the name of any Page List item by double-clicking it. The Page Inspector is where you can change settings relating to the selected page, and change the browser title or the file name of the page. Give each page you add to your site a proper name. The filename should usually be index.html, while the folder name should be descriptive, for example;


would be

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