RapidWeaver Classic Manual
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How to Report a Bug

If you've found an issue, here's what to do
Should you come across a bug in RapidWeaver there are a few things we need to help resolve the bug or issue you are seeing.
All bug reports should be sent to [email protected] so we can deal with them more swiftly. We'll contact you directly should we require any more information.
Helpful information when reporting a bug
Please try to send us as much information as you can about the bug, this will help us locate and fix it much quicker.
  • RapidWeaver version
  • macOS version
  • Steps to reproduce the bug (bonus points for an example project)
  • Screen recording (or screenshots)
  • Exact error message as it appears
  • Crash log

How to record your screen

Use QuickTimePlayer.app, this can be found in your Applications Folder.
To create a simple recording, choose File › New Screen Recording from the menu. Click the red record button, then follow the instructions on the screen. To save, choose File › Export and select the quality.
Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut command-shift-5 to bring up the onscreen Screen Recording controls.

How to find a crash log

Whenever an application on macOS crashes, it’ll automatically create a .crash file containing details as to what may have caused the crash. In the rare event that RapidWeaver crashes, sending us a crash log will help us find out what caused the crash, and how we can fix it.
How to find your crash Logs(s):
  • In the Finder, go to your Applications folder, then Utilities and launch Console.app
  • Under the User Diagnostic Reports portion of the sidebar, locate the most recent crash.
  • When found, Control-click it, and then select “Reveal in Finder” from the shortcut menu.
  • Copy, or drag out the selected file from the Finder window and attach it to an email and send it to [email protected]