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Frequently Asked Questions
This in-depth FAQ is broken down into sections and should answer the most commonly asked questions about RapidWeaver Classic and the forthcoming RapidWeaver Elements. If your question is not answered below, head to the RapidWeaver Community.
Got questions on Licensing? Read out Licensing & Activations FAQ.

RapidWeaver Classic FAQ

Q: Do I need to upgrade to RapidWeaver Classic?

You can continue to use RapidWeaver 8 for as long as you like. Upgrading to RapidWeaver Classic is optional.
There are many features and fixes that have gone into RapidWeaver Classic. Best of all, it's 100% compatible with all your existing projects and addons, including stacks.
If you'd like to take advantage of the new features and enhancements available in RapidWeaver Classic, you can upgrade your license at any time.

Q: Should I wait to upgrade to RapidWeaver Elements?

In short, no. Upgrade to Classic Now!
RapidWeaver Elements is not due until later this year, and when it is available, it will be in beta for some time. For now, we recommend all users upgrade to RapidWeaver Classic and enjoy the many benefits it brings, as well as looking forward to updates in the coming months.
We will offer discounts to all RapidWeaver Classic customers that want to purchase/upgrade to RapidWeaver Elements upon its official launch.

Q: What happened to RapidWeaver 9?

We're now building two versions of RapidWeaver.
RapidWeaver Classic is the next big release of RapidWeaver, so in essence, you can think of it as RapidWeaver 9. It's the same RapidWeaver you know and loves. It's compatible with everything (including Stacks), and it also has many new features and enhancements.
We're also building RapidWeaver Elements, this version of RapidWeaver is a massive departure from what we had previously planned. RapidWeaver Elements will launch as a beta later this year.

Q: What are the system requirements for RapidWeaver Classic?

RapidWeaver Classic requires macOS 10.14 or newer.

Q: Does RapidWeaver Classic work with macOS Ventura?

Yes, RapidWeaver Classic works with macOS 13.0 Ventura (Developer Beta). We'll continue to ensure compatibility as new beta versions of macOS are released over the coming months.

Q: Is RapidWeaver Classic compatible with plugins, themes, and projects?

Yes, if it worked with RapidWeaver 8, it will work with RapidWeaver Classic.

Q: Does the Stacks plugin work with RapidWeaver Classic?

Yes. All plugins, themes, stacks, and projects work in RapidWeaver Classic.

Q: Will all my existing projects work with RapidWeaver Classic?

Yes, ALL RapidWeaver 8 projects are 100% compatible with RapidWeaver Classic.
When you open an existing RapidWeaver 8 project it will be upgraded to a RapidWeaver Classic project and saved as a copy with the extension .rwc — your original project will not be modified.
Once you've upgraded a project you should remember to always edit and work on the newer one with the .rwc file extension.

Q: Are RapidWeaver Classic projects (.rwc) backwards-compatible with RapidWeaver 8 (.rw8)?

Just like most software, newer save files are not backwards compatible.
So while RapidWeaver Classic will open RapidWeaver 8 files, RapidWeaver 8 cannot open RapidWeaver Classic files.

Q: Is RapidWeaver Classic available on the Mac App Store?

We have no plans to release RapidWeaver Classic on the Mac App Store. This may change in the future should the demand be there for it.

Q: Is RapidWeaver Classic available on Setapp?

If you use RapidWeaver 8 via Setapp you will automatically be upgraded to RapidWeaver Classic.

Q: Why does the version number (8.10.x) and the preference file reference RW 8? I thought Classic was new?

RapidWeaver 8 and RapidWeaver Classic both use the same bundle ID so when a user upgrades, everything (including addons) will continue to "just work". If we changed the Bundle ID users would have to re-select or migrate their addons (and this can be tricky for novice users). We wanted to make this upgrade as seamless as possible for all users.

Q: Will you continue supporting RapidWeaver Classic when RapidWeaver Elements is released?

Yes, we will continue to update and maintain both versions of RapidWeaver going forward. We hope this gives you confidence in our commitment to RapidWeaver.
This means you can safely continue to maintain and build new projects in RapidWeaver Classic and Stacks for the foreseeable future.

Q: Can I run multiple versions of RapidWeaver?

Yes! RapidWeaver 8, RapidWeaver Classic, and RapidWeaver Elements can be installed alongside each other and can even share the same addons folder.

Q: Why can I only launch RWC in Launchpad, where did RW8 go?

RW8 and RWC share the same bundle ID and the Finder uses that to populate Launchpad. We did this so it was easy for users to upgrade, if we change the bundle ID, Sandboxing prevents the new app from accessing the same files/resources/addons - it’s a bit of a nightmare for users upgrading.
The Finder picks the newest app with the same bundle ID, so in this case, it will choose RWC.
Both apps are still installed on your Mac and can be found in the Applications Folder. There is no issue running them side-by-side.

Q: Is RapidWeaver Compatible with Apple Silicon?

YES! RapidWeaver Classic is a Universal app and compatible with both Intel and Apple Silicon-based Macs. To take advantage of RapidWeaver on M1 Macs, you’ll want to make sure all your plugins are up-to-date. If some of your installed plugins are not Universal, they will not run in the native version of RapidWeaver. If a plugin isn't compatible with Apple Silicon you will see the following error:
RapidWeaver Failed to load some plugins
PluginName: Couldn't obtain plugin principle class
To make older plugins (that are not Universal) run on an M1 Mac you'll need to install Rosetta for macOS. Apple has a guide on how to install Rosetta. Along with information on how to enable it on a per App basis. However, by running RapidWeaver under Rosetta, you'll lose some of the huge speed improvements M1 chips can bring. Please check with the developer of any plugins you're using to see if they are available as Universal builds. If they are not available, we'd suggest looking for alternative plugins and stacks that can cover the features you're missing.

Q: Can I edit the HTML in an exported website?

Yes, but… the best place to edit your website or add snippets of code like Javascript, CSS, analytics, etc is inside the RapidWeaver Project File. Code can be added globally or on a per-page basis in the relevant code section, for example, in Settings > Code > Head Any code added here (see image) will be inserted into the header area of every page.
Ideally, you'd always want to add code or make any changes in the project and re-publish the website. That way, the RapidWeaver project is the master file. In theory, you can edit the HTML/code once it's been exported. However, your changes will get wiped out the next time you upload your website from RapidWeaver. If you're wondering about the best way to do something, you can always get help on the RapidWeaver Forum. It’s always best to make changes in the original RapidWeaver project file where possible. It’s always best to make changes in the original RapidWeaver

Q: Why are images are missing from my Stacks page?

In the past when we've seen file corruption issues (or missing images) when the user is running a utility or “cleaner” that has noticed a large cache directory and decided to “clean” it of images. Utilities like CleanMyMac, MacKeeper, and MacCleaner.
If these “Cleaner” utilities are run while RapidWeaver and Stacks are open, they can be aggressive when they see a large cache of images. Running these when RapidWeaver is closed is fine, of course – but removing cached images while RapidWeaver is open can affect the file's integrity.
We also recommend closing RapidWeaver overnight as some plugins store temporary images in the cache folder (and macOS can clear this out overnight) and cause issues in your Projects. Note: This is no longer an issue in RapidWeaver 9 and its built-in plugins.
Never use CleanMyMac, MacKeeper, and MacCleaner while RapidWeaver is open.

RapidWeaver Elements FAQ

Q: If I buy RapidWeaver Classic, will I get a discount on buying RapidWeaver Elements?

Yes, all RapidWeaver users will be offered a discount when buying RapidWeaver Elements. Remember, upgrading is entirely optional as we'll be supporting both Classic and Elements going forward.

Q: What's the difference between RapidWeaver Classic and RapidWeaver Elements?

RapidWeaver Classic is the RapidWeaver you know and love. It works with all your existing addons and projects.
RapidWeaver Elements is taking RapidWeaver in a new direction. It's built around the Elements Engine, our unique drag-and-drop engine. We'll be sharing more details and taking the wraps off Elements later in the year.
We are continuing to develop and support both versions of RapidWeaver, allowing you to pick the version that works best for you and your projects.

Q: What are Elements?

Elements are essentially bundles of CSS, HTML, Javascript, and XML — Elements can be dropped into a webpage to design the layout and content of a page. Elements will only work with RapidWeaver Elements, they are not supported in RapidWeaver Classic.

Q: What is the Elements Engine?

The Elements engine inside RapidWeaver has been built from the ground up utilising the latest web technologies, meaning it’s fast (like really, really fast!) and opens up a world of mind-blowing possibilities making it easy for anyone to build modern websites.

Q: Will my stacks be compatible with RapidWeavet Elements?

stacks are not compatible with the Elements Engine.

Q: Will my RapidWeaver Classic projects be compatible with RapidWeavet Elements?

RapidWeaver Elements is still in development. We'll make an announcement regarding compatibility later in the year.

Q: When will RapidWeaver Elements be available?

We don't have an exact date, but we hope to launch a Public Beta of RapidWeaver Elements in 2022. You can sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when it's available.

Older Versions of RapidWeaver

If you need to migrate projects or open older projects, but no longer have your license number, you can use the ones provided below.

Q: I need to register RapidWeaver 7, do you have a license number I can use?

RapidWeaver 7 Project files have a .rw file extension. RapidWeaver 7 licences are a string containing numbers and letters.
Download RapidWeaver 7.5.6 here and use the following license to register a copy of RapidWeaver 7: 4D84A0E0-28E5FCF6-4731D6DB-EC180E8C-2E305E81

Q: I need to register RapidWeaver 6, do you have a license number I can use?

RapidWeaver 6 Project files have a .rw6 file extension. RapidWeaver 6 licenses are very long, and start with RMS.
Download RapidWeaver 6.4 here and use the following license to register a copy of RapidWeaver 6:

Q: I need to register RapidWeaver 5, do you have a license number I can use?

RapidWeaver 5 project files have a .rwsw file extension. RapidWeaver 5 licenses contain three words separated by a dash.
Download RapidWeaver 5.4.1 here and use the following license to register a copy of RapidWeaver 5: dramatic-cobra-16148132

Q: How do I download RapidWeaver 4?

RapidWeaver 4 project files have a .rwsw file extension. Licenses for both RapidWeaver 3.6 and RapidWeaver 4 start with RW3SN.
You can download RapidWeaver 4.4.2 here and use the following license to register a copy of RapidWeaver 4: RW3SN-P1BE-9WPG-A9WT-M9TV-YEP9

Q: I need to register RapidWeaver 3.5, do you have a license number I can use?

RapidWeaver 3 project files have a .rwp file extension. Licenses for RapidWeaver3.5 and earlier start with RWPL.
Use the following license to register a copy of RapidWeaver 3.5: RWPL.4408.58.1978.1891