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Welcome to Squash

Batch image compression for macOS
Squash 3 for Mac is an update to the hugely popular Squash 2 and builds on the strong foundations it put in place.
Photos and other images continue to grow in size as cameras get better and better. That makes compressing images a vital task, especially if you need to retain as much of the original file's image quality as possible. Squash 3 sets out to offer exactly that – a way to compress images, in batch if needed, without any visible change in the quality of the image.
Built to be fast and easy to use, Squash 3 simply asks that you drag your photos or images onto it and select what you'd like it to do. That's it. No complication, no fuss. And all in an app that's right at home on modern Macs running macOS Big Sur.
Let's take a quick look at some of the things Squash can do with Images:
  • Batch conversion of images
  • Image compression
  • Removal of metadata
  • Automatic renaming
  • Image resizing
  • Image adjustments
  • Watermarking
  • Image Filters

Who is Squash for?

Squash 3 can be used in a variety of workflows and by anyone who works with photos and images, whether daily for work or just as a hobby.
  • Photographers can use Squash 3 to take a catalogue of their images and easily add their watermark.
  • Web developers can use Squash 3 to quickly and easily convert images to the WEBP format while reducing the file size at the same time.
  • iPhone users can easily turn their HEIC files into something more compatible with other apps and phones.
  • Journalists can use Squash 3 to convert large screenshots into minuscule JPG files before sending them to their editor.
  • Anyone that wants to produce and share great-looking photos with Squash's huge selection of available filters.

Launch Trailer

The original video for the Squash 3 launch.

First Look Video

More features have been added since this "First Look" video was released, however it does give you a good overview of the basics.
Last modified 1yr ago