What are Presets, and how to save, edit and delete them

Presets are a useful way to save a set of Nodes with specific settings for later use. Your Presets are stored in the Presets area on the left hand-side of the main window.

There's a lot of useful features that are not immediately apparent, so we'd recommend watching the Presets Video Tutorial below to learn to get the most out of this feature.

You can right-click on Presets, and also on Images in the grid view to export using a selected Preset. It's super-handy!

Show and Hide Presets

To Show and Hide the Presets use the button on the left hand side of the toolbar in the main window

Create New Preset

To Save a new Preset use the "+ New Preset" button at the bottom of the "Presets" view. A dialog will appear where you can give you preset a name.

Update Preset

You can update the setting for a preset by making the changes you want in the Nodes, then Right-Click on the Preset and choose "Update Preset Settings"

Delete Preset

To remove a Preset, right-click on it and choose "Remove" from the contextual menu that appears.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial shows how to use the Presets feature in Squash.

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