Because everyone loves Preferences

Squash 3 has a few different Preferences to help customise your experience. You can access the Preferences window by pressing Command-, or by going to the "Squash" menu and selecting "Preferences…"

Full details about what each preference does can be found below.


All the settings you'd expect from an juicy Mac app!

Theme: Choose a theme for the interface, Dark, Light, or System.

Interface Sounds: On or off, the choice is yours.

Default View: Set the defualt view for when you add an image to Squash.

Zen Track: Stop or start Zen Tracks here 🙏

Dock Icon: Specify an icon to be shown in the dock while Squash is running. Unfortunatley macOS does not support changing an icon permanently from within an app, so when you quit the icon will revert to the default.


Here you can turn on and off the effect packs, including the built-in effects. Switching these off will make them hidden in the Nodes area of the Main Window.


If you like a bit of danger in your life and enjoy living on the edge, you can check for beta updates. If you're more of a stable mable, and like the smooth path in life, leave this option off!

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