Main Window

Finding your way around the Squash 3 interface

Squash 3 has a very simple, yet powerful user interface designed inside of a single window.

The main interface is broken down into three sections. Presets, Editor, and Nodes. Each area is described in more detail in this documentation.

Importing Images

Each time Squash is launched you will be presented with an empty window. To add your own images into Squash, drag and drop them from the Finder into the main Grid/Editor view.

You can also import images by going to the "File" menu and choosing "Import Images…" and selecting the files you want to work with.

Imported images are not persisted between re-launches of Squash. Settings can be saved by using Presets.

Removing Images

Highlight the image you wish to remove and press "delete", alternatively you can right-click and select "Remove" from the contextual menu.


The toolbar in Squash is always visible and contains useful actions to navigate the Interface.

​Learning More

Learn more about how each part of the main interface can be used.


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