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Welcome, Developers

Welcome to the RapidWeaver Platform

What is RapidWeaver?

RapidWeaver is a powerful, easy to use, static site generator for macOS made by Realmac Software.

What can I build?

The RapidWeaver platform has three separate Addon APIs available. You can learn more about each one below.
Native Plugins are exclusive to RapidWeaver Classic. Elements are exclusive to RapidWeaver Elements.

How do I distribute Addons?

This is entirely up to you, we don't force any distribution method on developers.
However, we do recommend listing them on the RapidWeaver Marketplace, this is a free service and allows your addons to be automatically marketed to the existing RapidWeaver user base.

What tools do I need?

Generally, you'll only need RapidWeaver and a text editor. Below are a collection of native tools for macOS you might find useful while developing addons for RapidWeaver.
  • Visual Studio Code - Powerful and free code editor for macOS.
  • Nova - Native code editor for macOS.
  • Lexi - JSON Browser for macOS.
  • PlistEdit Pro - Advanced Plist and JSON editor for macOS.
  • Sketch - Design, prototype, and illustrate for macOS.
  • IconSlate - Custom icon generator for macOS.
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